oh hai. welcome to kanga.


a brand-direct marketplace for those who reject the status quo.

rule breakers.
goodtrouble makers.

it's quite simple - data you create about yourself belongs to you. you own it. you control it. if you want to share, you get rewarded for it. it'd be a revolutionary notion if it weren't common sense.

we live in a world where data rules all and way too many people have been making bank off of you, your behaviors, and your preferences. Kanga empowers you to take your data back, control who knows what about you, and respects the value of your personal information by rewarding you for the data you choose to share.

developed by a team of retail specialists looking to create a new space for brands & shoppers to connect on a personal level, Kanga is an alternative to those traditional digital marketplaces who have been profiting off your data to the detriment of your favorite brands.

consider this is our virtual rebellion. 😈😈😈😈😈🖕👽👽🚀💅👾✌🖤